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Complementary products, accessories, and software downloads for our Kuduwave portable audiometers are all available via our online store.

However, we prefer to assist you in person.
Please make contact with us for any advice, questions, or purchase guidance.

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Kudupress Patient Response Button

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R 1,150
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R 1,000
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R 1,150

The robust Kudupress patient response button complements our Kuduwave audiometers.

It fits comfortably in one hand and the single button allows for the ease of patient testing. The Kudupress also provides additional visual feedback, as the button lights up when pressed.

The Kudupress patient response button plugs into the Kuduwave audiometer or computer via USB.


Eventhough the sale is via our online shop, we deal with each client's purchase one-on-one.

We keep limited stock of our Kuduwave accessories at our head office, and produce on demand.

Unless we have available stock (which we'll communicate to you immediately), please allow 3-4 weeks production and delivery time.


All medical devices or accessories complementary to the Kuduwave audiometers are supported by a 1-year repair-or-replace warranty.

Kudupress Patient Response Button