Quick, Effective Ear Wax Removal

The water-operated Otoclear Ear Irrigator is a lightweight, ergonomic ear irrigation device that requires no power source.

It washes away ear wax and debris with a quick, easy and comfortable spray action.

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Otoclear Ear Irrigator

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The lightweight-yet-robust Otoclear Ear Irrigator delivers a pressurised, continuous, tri-directional water spray (each stream at a 30° angle), resulting in minimal water being required for the procedure.

The Otoclear Ear Irrigator’s 650 ml (22 fl. oz.) bottle features a temperature gauge for monitoring water temperature, ensuring that water is delivered to the ear at 37 °C (98,6°F), in order to ensure fast and efficient ear wax removal.

The Otoclear Ear Irrigator’s soft, flared, 3-stream tip eliminates spills, while improving patient comfort and safety.

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- Continuous-Stream Irrigation Mode

- Built-In Manual Pressure Pump

- Allows for Two-Handed Procedures

- Temperature Gauge

- No Power Source Required


Otoclear 650 ml Bottle
The Otoclear 650 ml bottle features a temperature gauge for monitoring water temperature while delivering a pressurised, continuous water stream during operation.

Otoclear Tips
Uniquely designed Otoclear tips were designed to direct water to the ear canal wall, flowing around ear wax, instead of directly at the tympanic membrane.

Otoclear Ear Irrigation Basin
Designed for use with the Otoclear Ear Irrigator, this anthropometrically designed, hand-held plastic ear irrigation basin collects expelled cerumen and water during the ear irrigation process.


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The Otoclear Ear Irrigator is supported by a 1-year repair-or-replace warranty.

Otoclear Ear IrrigatorOtoclear Ear IrrigatorOtoclear Ear Irrigator


eMoyo’s medical technology products are supported by a 1-year repair-or-replace warranty

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Our Kuduwave portable audiometer and Kuduscope digital otoscope, along with their complementary products such as the Otoclear Ear Irrigator enable audiologists, ENT practitioners, clinicians, occupational health officials, philanthropists and hearing healthcare professionals to conduct testing faster, more conveniently, and more cost effectively.


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