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Complementary products, accessories, and software downloads for our Orcawave portable spirometer are all available via our online store.

However, we prefer to assist you in person.
Please make contact with us for any advice, questions, or purchase guidance.

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Orcawave Calibration Syringe

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R 3,663
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R 3,663

Extremely durable and constructed with a robust aluminium casing for frictionless operation, the Orcawave Calibration Syringe is precision-manufactured to deliver three litres.

The Orcawave Calibration Syringe is compatible with all commonly available spirometers.

The Calibration Syringe requires annual calibration by us.


- Bi-Directional

- 3-Litre Capacity

- 401.6 mm Stroke Length


Eventhough the sale is via our online shop, we deal with each client's purchase one-on-one.

We keep limited stock of our Orcawave accessories at our head office, and produce on demand.

Unless we have available stock (which we usually have), please allow 3-4 weeks production and delivery time.

Due to current international restrictions, international delivery might take longer. We'll communicate this to you in person.


All eMoyo’s medical technology products are supported by a 3-year warranty.

Orcawave Calibration Syringe