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Complementary products, accessories, and software downloads for our Orcawave portable spirometer are all available via our online store.

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Orcawave Calibration

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The Orcawave Spirometer is calibrated with the Orcawave Spirometer Syringe.

However, for optimal, accurate testing, the Orcawave Syringe needs to be calibrated by us on a yearly basis.

You can purchase your annual calibration of the Orcawave Spirometer Syringe here.


Please return your Orcawave spirometer to us for calibration.

We endeavour to have your device calibrated and returned to you within a week. However, if you are situated in an outlying area, delivery might take slightly longer.

We understand that correct calibration of your spirometer is of utmost importance to your service delivery and will ensure that it is done as soon as possible.

Orcawave Calibration