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Kuduwave 5 Changelog

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Kuduwave 5 is the result of a decade of software development – offering a clean, simple, and efficient interface. It combines best-in-class technologies to help speed up common tasks, without compromising on quality or speed.

Although Version (6 March 2019) of Kuduwave 5 Changelog is free, we require a checkout process, in order to capture your details to send you the download link.


Talk Forward:

- Now able to play up to 80 dB.

- Included option to use the laptop microphone or the Kuduwave microphone to speak to the patient.

Improved Search Functionality:

- Users are now able to search for patients by Name, Surname, Date of Birth, ID number, Passport Number.

- Patients can be searched by scanning QR codes.

Forms (Previously Called “Questions”):

- Forms now include new “Occupational Healthcare Hearing” and “General History” forms, as well as a “Medical Certificate of Fitness” (SA Construction Industry Regulation).

- Three questionnaires for ototoxicity monitoring


- Added ability to change test significances from previous software modules. eMoyo 4 legacy tests imported into Kuduwave 5 had a significance of general diagnostic which can now be changed to general screening.

- Added ability to remove unwanted tests where the test was done in error or included mistakes. Removed tests are automatically hidden from view (not completely deleted). There is a button which allows you to unhide these removed tests.


- Included the ability to add folders from the top of the folder pane.

- When adding a new folder, you can immediately choose the type of smart folder you would like it to be set to.

Administration & Security:

- Removal of administration rights requirements. This removes historic issues related to security protocols setup for administered systems.

Kuduwave User Passwords:

- You can now create and manage users passwords for the Kuduwave software on the settings page, or create a user password to open the software.

Test Views:

- Includes baseline comparisons with PLH and Milestone monitoring.

- STS and PLH screening can now be visually compared to previous tests or baselines on one audiogram.

- BHL has been changed to ABHL (calculations are all according to standard).

- A new layout of buttons in the test screen


- Addition of reports on STS (standard threshold shift) and PLH (percentage loss of hearing) shifts: Standard View & Occ Health ZA

- Health Safety Executive UK: Assistive interpretation with HSE (Health Safety Executive UK)view

- Assistive interpretations improved and reported bugs removed

- Removed PDF button – Functionality to print to pdf is now combined in the Print button functionality

Patient Conditioning:

- Addition of French Language for automatic conditioning

Cloud Synchronisation:

- Addition of proprietary synchronisation technology

- Addition of Cloud Sync button (press to synchronise)

- Removal of 3rd party applications: “Syncthing, AWS, Python, previously used to synchronise data

Speed & Optimisation:

- Various bugs fixed to eliminate system hangs and improve data access and retrieval speed, as well as connection to the audiometer

- Screen resolution improved for compatibility with more laptop models

- Fixed that ID numbers beginning with 0 will automatically fill in DoB


Your download link will be sent to you after completion of purchase.

We will gladly assist you with installation and setup.

Kuduwave 5 Changelog