Audiometer & Tympanometer Calibrations

On-Site & On-Device Calibrations

To get the best performance from your Kuduwave audiometer, we recommend regular calibration and servicing.

Kuduwave Calibrations

If your Kuduwave audiometer is used for hearing screening in an audiology practice or occupational health setting (situated in a static clinic and not moved around), it will require annual (yearly) calibration.

If your Kuduwave audiometer is moved from its original point of calibration, for example, if it is part of a mobile audiometry booth, or if it is moved between practices, it should be calibrated every three months.

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Kuduwave On-Site Calibration

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To get the maximum benefit from your Kuduwave portable audiometer, we recommend regular calibration and servicing of your device. Did you know that it is possible to have your Kuduwave audiometer calibrated at your practice, while you work?

A qualified technician will come out to calibrate your Kuduwave, and supply you with a spare device, allowing you to continue testing patients while your Kuduwave audiometer is being calibrated.

Alternatively, your Kuduwave portable audiometer can be sent in via courier to be calibrated or serviced at eMoyo’s technical facility in Johannesburg, South Africa.

You can book your Kuduwave calibration or service via our online shop. Simply indicate the number of Kuduwave audiometers requiring calibration.

For on-site calibration, at checkout, please leave a note listing the physical address of each site that requires Kuduwave calibration. You will also be required to supply all relevant Kuduwave audiometer serial numbers.


The service delivery time of on-site calibrations depend on the geological location of your Kuduwave audiometer.

Calibrations are also based on bookings.

Once the sale is confirmed, we will contact you to arrange a suitable date and time to come do your Kuduwave calibration.

We understand that correct calibration of your audiometer is of utmost importance to your service delivery and will ensure that it is done as soon as possible.

Kuduwave On-Site Calibration