Calibration for Integrated Tympanometer

Integrating KuduTymp technology into your Kuduwave audiometer will transform it into a diagnostic immittance audiometer with integrated bilateral tympanometer.

Calpod is the calibration device for the Kuduwave's integrated tympanometer.

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Kuduwave Calpod Calibration Device

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The Calpod Calibration Pod tests and calibrates your Kuduwave Pro-TMP’s integrated tympanometer at the adapted current ambient temperature, barometric pressure, and relative humidity of its environment. This is crucial for the accuracy of your Kuduwave Pro-TMP’s integrated tympanometer.

The Calpod Calibration Pod features precision-milled calibration cavities suspended by soft silicone. It comes standard with the Kuduwave Pro-TMP audiometer (any Kuduwave audiometer with integrated tympanometry). It can also be purchased separately as a Kuduwave accessory.


The Calpod Calibration Pod comes standard with any Kuduwave Pro-TMP, as well as every Kudutymp hardware upgrade of non-TMP audiometers. It can also be purchased separately as a Kuduwave accessory.


Eventhough the sale is via our online shop, we deal with each client's purchase one-on-one.

We keep limited stock of our Kuduwave accessories at our head office, and produce on demand.

Unless we have available stock (which we usually have), please allow 3-4 weeks production and delivery time.


All medical devices or accessories complementary to the Kuduwave audiometers are supported by a 1-year repair-or-replace warranty.

Kuduwave audiometers are ISO 13485 certified, FDA-registered, CE-mark certified for medical devices, and are compliant with all IEC, ANSI and SANS standards for audiometry, tympanometry, and calibration.

Kuduwave Calpod Calibration Device