Conducting Hearing Assessment Speech Tests

A vital tool in the assessment and management of hearing loss, speech audiometry is employed to assess a patient’s sensitivity to speech, as well as clarity to speech heard.

Our Kuduwave Pro and Kuduwave Pro-TMP audiometers incorporate pre-recorded speech testing – offering users greater signal intensity control, as well as improved test-retest reliability.

Recorded materials improve both the intrasubject and intersubject precision of threshold and suprathreshold measures by providing a consistent level for all speech test items.

Benefits of Speech Audiometry Software in Your Practice:


Reliable, valid and repeatable testing.

Reliably repeat speech tests and ensure valid results by eliminating as much variability as possible.

Reduce paperwork and office clutter.

Easily monitor the speech test process and decrease the potential for lip-reading with recorded speech words presented on screen.

Eliminate scorer errors.

Save time and eliminate scorer errors with Kuduwave's automated scoring functionality.

We offer Kuduwave owners a number of speech audiometry software plugins available for download – including free speech audiometry software plugins in a number of South African languages.

For more information about eMoyo- EMR Speech Audiometry, to request a speech test in a specific language or to provide validated speech tests and recordings to the Kuduwave community, please contact our Helpdesk.