eMoyo-EMR is a full-feature medical software interface designed for Kuduwave portable audiometers, the Orcawave portable spirometer and the Kuduscope digital otoscope.

When operating their devices, users make use of eMoyo-EMR software to run all tests and store all data on hard drive, backed up to the Cloud.

Enhancing healthcare. Enriching patient care

Every day, our simple-yet-powerful eMoyo-EMR software supports clinicians, occupational health officials, and medical professionals around the globe in maximising their professional capabilities.

Because less time spent on administration and paperwork means more time for your patients – and unlocking your practice’s full potential.

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eMoyo-EMR Audiometry Software

Simple, intuitive and tele-audiology enabled, eMoyo-EMR’s revolutionary, state-of-the-art audiometry software has been transforming the way audiologists, clinicians and hearing healthcare professionals work for over a decade.

System Requirements: Windows 10 or later | Core i5 Processor | 8 GB RAM | 250 GB+ Hard Drive | Wi-fi | Webcam | 3 x USB Ports

PLEASE NOTE: Dell computers may interfere with eMoyo-EMR software functionality and should not be used in conjunction with Kuduwave portable audiometers. 


    eMoyo-EMR automated audiometry user interface allows for automatic and manual hearing testing and patient conditioning, while custom macros allow for the customisation of testing protocols.

    Assistive interpretation functionality assists with interpreting audiometric results – allowing users to automatically calculate interpretations for pure-tone audiometry, ototoxicity monitoring, plh interpretation, and tympanometry automatic classification.

  • Enhanced Speed & Productivity

    • Seamlessly switch between patient data capturing and testing protocols.
    • Use built-in patient records management and data capture functionality to effortlessly capture unlimited patient information.
    • Keep patient data organised in a simple, folder-based structure making use of patient search-and-find functionality.

  • Remote Access & Seamless Continuity

    Synchronise patient data and view test results from remote locations, using Cloud-based applications like Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive. Make use of tele-audiology functionality to work with distributed teams in real time, and evaluate patient results from any location.

  • Enhanced Security & Data Capture

    Enjoy complete peace-of-mind knowing your fully-encrypted patient data, test results, clinical notes and more are backed up to hard drive, as well as the Cloud, and securely stored on Microsoft Azure web servers. With eMoyo-EMR audiometry software, patient data is forever safe and secure.

eMoyo-EMR Software Integration


Designed to replace manual audiometer calibration checks, X-Check ("cross-check") is a digital calibration verification tool developed to help you save time, ensure compliance with relevant standards, and produce accurate test results between calibrations – in only 30 seconds.

X-Check comes standard with all Kuduwave Pro and Kuduwave OH audiometers manufactured after March 2018, and is available as an upgrade for older Kuduwave Pro and Kuduwave OH audiometers.

    Enabling accurate calibration verification (within 5dB) to objectively measure and ensure the precision of results, X-Check replaces biological audiometer calibration checks with a more reliable and accurate digital calibration verification process.

    Audiometer calibration should be performed annually.

    In some standards, such as the South African SANS 10154-1.3 for Occupational Health, quarterly calibration intervals for portable audiometers are required. This standard also applies to any audiometers moved from one location to another.

    While providing accurate, digital calibration verification for your Kuduwave portable audiometer, X-Check does not replace the need for regular calibrations.