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Every day, we work on enhancing our already advanced medical technology products to suit users from all sectors.

We wish to empower organisations like yours to transform their healthcare programmes and service offerings – right there in the workplace.

Through world-class engineering and leading-edge product design, we are bringing healthcare solutions from the medical practice to the workplace and homes of patients.

Whether for advanced medical practices, workplace, or private home use – our medical devices serve a wide range of needs.

Through world-class engineering and state-of-the-art product design, our healthcare solutions incorporate advanced medical technology that is also incredibly simple to use.

How our healthcare med-tech solutions are dissolving barriers between people and quality of life:


    "eMoyo's technology is advanced. It makes life in the digital age so much easier."

    Calt Shabalala

    House of Hearing

    Why professionals trust our med-tech solutions:

    • Industry Accredited

      Internationally distributed in over 30 countries, our award-winning range of Kuduwave portable audiometers are CE certified, ISO 13485 certified and FDA registered, while the Orcawave portable spirometer complies to the latest ERS (European Respiratory Society) and ATS (American Thoracic Society) standardisation of spirometry requirements. Kuduwave audiometers have been validated in multiple, independent peer-reviewed medical publications, including Forbes and FastCompany magazines.

    • Time-Efficient

      Our range of state-of-the-art portable healthcare solutions was designed from the outset to support and empower healthcare and occupational health professionals in their work. Through leading-edge technological innovation, automated testing capability, and telemedicine functionality, we are committed to helping medical professionals, occupational health officials and clinicians worldwide to work faster, smarter, and more cost-efficiently.

    • Highly Accurate

      As a proudly South African company, our clinically validated, portable medical technology is internationally acclaimed for yielding highly accurate results in just about any location or environment. We achieved this by replacing traditional analogue components with highly accurate and reliable digital components, including functionality to objectively verify the calibration of audiometry devices for increased testing quality control.

    • Increased Patient Reach

      Created from the outset to be robust, ergonomic, and highly portable, all our healthcare solutions feature world-class engineering and leading-edge, modern design. As an internationally recognised medical technology company, we are committed to keep developing and building state-of-the-art affordable, user-friendly, portable healthcare solutions to improve patient reach and enhance patient care.

    • Cost-Efficient

      We believe access to quality healthcare is a basic human right. All our medical technology solutions are engineered to be highly affordable – empowering healthcare workers, clinicians, companies, organisations, philanthropists, and even private individuals worldwide to offer patients and employees affordable healthcare, without ever compromising on testing quality or the accuracy of results.

    • Telemedicine-Enabled

      Our iconic, globally acclaimed range of Kuduwave portable screening and diagnostic audiometers are tele-audiology enabled – empowering users around the globe to work with greater efficiency. Telemedicine functionality empowers users to test more patients by carrying out their work remotely, from almost any location and in real-time, while storing patient data and records securely in the Cloud.

    • Kuduwave audiometers are ISO 13485 certified, FDA-registered, CE-mark certified for medical devices, and are compliant with all IEC, ANSI and SANS standards for audiometry, tympanometry, and calibration.

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    Got questions?

    Have a look in our useful FAQ section to find the answers to often-asked questions that may help you too.


    Will untrained staff members from my organisation’s occupational health department be able to use the Orcawave spirometer with minimal training?

    The Orcawave portable spirometer is extremely user-friendly and simple to use. It can be used for testing by simply following the supplied instructions in the user manual.

    Is the Kuduwave audiometer suitable for use in testing the hearing of school-aged children?

    Kuduwave audiometers are suitable for conducting hearing tests on anyone from the age of four upwards, and ideal for testing school children, conveniently right there in their school environment.

    How can I be sure that the results I get from using a Kuduwave audiometer to screen hearing are accurate and can be trusted?

    The Kuduwave portable audiometer has been the subject of numerous scientific studies. It is clinically validated and has been proven to provide highly accurate testing results when testing outside of a sound booth. Kuduwave test results are trusted by healthcare professionals across the globe.

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