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Kuduwave Audiometers

Kuduwave is an audiometric (hearing testing) device that employs a combination of technologies to block the same amount of sound (attenuation) as a sound booth.

Additional technology monitors ambient noise in real-time to further ensure the quality of tests.

  • Boothless Testing

    The Kuduwave audiometer is fully boothless – offering screening, diagnostics, speech testing, assistive interpretation functions, a suite of patient management tools, cloud storage, and tele-audiology – better than offered by audiology via a sound booth.

    We have improved portability, which provides greater accessibility and reduced costs.

  • Enhanced Experience

    Without a sound booth, we have improved the overall patient and clinician experience.

    Patients often complain of anxiety and claustrophobia when tested in a south booth. Now patients can experience open-air testing and diagnostics, while benefiting from more personal, face-to-face care from the clinician, rather than through a small window.

  • Improved Quality

    The quality of testing is also improved, by replacing traditional analogue components with highly accurate and reliable digital components.

    This includes the ability to objectively verify the calibration of the device and further assure quality control.

  • Automated Testing

    The addition of automatic testing functions means that testing can be performed by suitably trained technicians, rather than specialists who, in turn, oversee multiple tests remotely. Thereby significantly reducing costs, expanding the reach of specialists, and improving access for patients.