Noah 4 Installation Instructions

We recommend that the latest Noah version is installed on your PC before installing the Kuduwave Noah 4 module.

Below are the steps to install the plugin module:

Open the Kuduwave Noah 4 Module, which you downloaded via our online store.

Click Next to begin the process.


Once installed the module is installed, Noah 4 will automatically open.


Click OK to continue.

The following screen will appear:

Noah kw start page

1)  Indicates that the Kuduwave and Noah are connected.

2)  Click here to select a patient from your Noah database or create a new one.

3)  Once a patient is selected, click here to move on to the testing landing page (seen below).

test landing page

On the test landing page you will see three main blocks:

-  Tone Threshold Audiogram (top)
-  Word Recognition (right)
-  Speech Reception Threshold (left)

Select any of these options to access the Kuduwave and begin testing.

There are two ways in which you can gain access to this testing page again. Either by beginning within Noah and opening the Kuduwave plugin, which appears at the top of the screen, or through the desktop shortcut which opens Noah in the background and leads you straight to the screen shown above.
These steps are explained in further detail below:

Starting up within Noah 4:
Open Noah 4 using the Noah 4 icon.
The Kuduwave module will now appear within Noah, select a patient and click the Kuduwave plugin button at the top of the screen to access the testing page and continue as above.
noah start

Starting up from the Kuduwave Noah desktop shortcut:
During installation, a new icon will have been added to your desktop.
This is a shortcut to the Noah module that allows you to access the Kuduwave testing interface from outside of Noah.

Click to access the testing page.